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The 6 Best Delivery Apps to Download Today!

The best way to stay safe and support local businesses.

When making dinner yourself or driving somewhere to get food isn’t an option, it can be much easier to order a meal, and have it delivered to your door. Below are six of the best delivery apps you should download on your phone, whether you have IOS or Android.

DoorDash This free app allows you to search by the food item, rating, price, delivery time, and dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian). DoorDash also has groups of stores made up for you to choose from, including their national partners, delivery deals, or faster wait times, local favorites, and places outside of your neighborhood. Once you decide on a store, DoorDash will show you its rating, distance from you, delivery fee, and delivery time. The menu is very customer-friendly, even showing pictures of each food option. Unlike some other apps, DoorDash can deliver alcoholic beverages from restaurants, stores, and even breweries! While some restaurants may have deals or coupons you can use for a cheaper delivery fee, don’t be too surprised if it costs more than pick-up would. GrubHub Another popular delivery app is GrubHub. Just put in your location and you’ll immediately be given a list of restaurants in your area. You can also search by the type of food you are looking for, such as Mexican, or a specific meal you might be craving, like some sushi. Each restaurant will show you their address, reviews, rating, delivery time, and delivery fees. Even better, GrubHub will save your delivery locations to make your next purchase that much easier. The app is completely free to download—just expect to pay a delivery fee or have a minimum order amount.

Uber Eats Uber is known for its transportation services, but did you know it doubles as a food delivery service? Uber Eats uses Uber drivers to deliver your food right to your house. You can download the Uber Eats app for free, or, if you already have the Uber app, just select “Order Food” in the bottom right corner and you will be taken to the Uber Eats section. This app shows a list of restaurants near your location, including what is most popular. When you click on a specific place, you’ll immediately be given the price range, type of restaurant, delivery time and fees, and its rating. Since it’s linked with Uber, you will be able to track your driver as they deliver—a feature many other apps don’t have. If you join Uber Rewards, you can earn points across both the delivery and transportation apps that can eventually earn you a free delivery.

Postmates Postmates is a little different than the other apps because you can order food, groceries, and even alcohol. The app lets you choose from the top categories of food, what’s in your area, or you can search for specific places. Once you choose a restaurant or store, it lets you know the category of food, the address, and if there are drivers nearby. Although it’s free to download, each order comes with a delivery fee, which can escalate during busy hours. However, if you join a “Party” and order from the same restaurant as other people in your area, you won’t have to pay the delivery fee. Your driver can also text you updates if needed and they offer 24/7 service, as long as the store is still open. If you’re a frequent shopper, try “Postmates Unlimited”—you’ll pay a monthly fee, but get free deliveries on orders over a certain price point. While the name might not sound unique, the app itself is. allows you to order food, groceries, alcohol, laundry or dry cleaning, and even gifts that you can have delivered to someone else’s house. The search tool lets you skim through places according to their popularity, ratings, distance, delivery time, price, and special offers. It’s also free to download, and it doesn’t force you to create an account right away. One similar feature to other apps is the fluctuating delivery fees based on the store you choose. However, you can earn points toward your rewards, which can lead to expensive gifts, such as a Roku or iPad Mini. You can also opt to donate points to a charity. The only downside is doesn’t have quite the same range as other apps, so it may not be useful in certain locations.

goPuff This app is like a digital convenience store rather than a food delivery service. You can choose from categories such as drinks, snacks, medicine, home essentials, personal care, and pets, among many others. Once you select an item, goPuff will pull up a picture, the price, and a description of it. It also provides a suggestion of items you might want to check out below. Similar to, goPuff isn’t as widespread as other delivery apps. Therefore, it may not appear in all areas. However, goPuff offers a low delivery fee and does not surge prices during busy hours. Overall, each one of these apps is ranked among the most popular. After taking a look at them, decide which best fits your needs and start ordering!

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